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  5. "jaS jatlh tera'ngan."

"jaS jatlh tera'ngan."

Translation:The Terran speaks differently.

February 1, 2019



Is this the Klingon way of saying someone has a foreign accent, or otherwise speaks like a foreigner - the equivalent of 'broken Klingon'? Or does it just mean literally exactly what it says, and can be interpreted in different ways according to context? The English translation just sounds slightly odd.


It does not have any special meaning and the sentence has the same oddity in both languages. One would hope that in context, it would be more clear just what is being meant. Does it mean he speaks with an accent? Does it mean that he uses sign language? Does it mean he speaks through a hole in his throat? Does it mean he communicates silently directly into your brain?This sentence doesn't say. It's just... he speak differently.


jIyaj! Sometimes, a sample sentence is just a sample sentence. I just wanted to ensure that it wasn't some kind of idiom for an accent. qatlho'!

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