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learning many words

I am studying Duolingo Indonesian. I am now ate te ME-Verbs and I am counting 56 new words. it would not be possible to get those words in my head to use in subsequent lessons.

Does anyone have a suggestion?


February 1, 2019



Oh boy! Do I know that feeling!

I’d love it if those lessons were broken down into something more manageable, with fewer words — reviewing them would be a whole lot easier this way!

While nothing happens though, I’m using Quizlet to get around the problem. It really does help.

P.S.: I can share my decks with you if you want. Hit me up if you do decide to go with it.


Take breaks. Note down things. Review the earlier lessons.

[deactivated user]

    I focus on one language only. I dont take notes or put extra strain on myself to learn and remember outside of duolingo. I just do this everyday at least. Even just a bit.

    Im a fast learner, but the key is to make your own interpretation of the word to remember. Eg. Hitam, Hit them, Mafia, dark night (Black).

    No matter how silly or stupid it is youre the only one who'll know. Gives the word meaning and we remember those kinds of interpretations easier.


    Try Anki, a flash card program.


    No need to hurry, take your time.
    If you have more time, then here is a Tinycards deck with more examples of "me-" verbs:


    Just flip through the cards of the deck to see how a base word is converted into a "me-" verb.
    This is the 'conjugation' table of the me-verb:

    Starting letter base word Conjugation
    l, m, n, r, w Me + base
    vowel, g, h Me + ng
    c, d, j Me + n
    b, f, v Me + m
    k Me + ng – k
    t Me + n – t
    s Me + ny – s
    p Me + m – p
    monosyllabic Me + nge +base
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