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"Pūlehu ka tūtū kāne i ka ʻulu."

Translation:The grandpa broils the breadfruit.

February 1, 2019



Roasted/bake/grill. Definition of Pūlehu. According to this site translation. All the above should be excepted. The grandfather/grandpa bakes/ROASTED/grills!


If bakes/roasted/grills are excepted, you're left with nothing. Those are the only acceptable reasons. My question is this: is there some kind of situational rule that determines which word to use in which situation? I KEEP guessing the wrong one, because it just feels arbitrary. Need hints. Kokua mai?


I answered, "Grandpa broils the breadfruit." Should be accepted.


Grr. DL defines pūlehu and kōʻala with some overlap, but rejects one or the other rather arbitrarily. So my dictionary says pūlehu is to broil sweet potatoes, breadfruit, or bananas placed on hot embers, whereas kōʻala is to broil or to barbecue flesh--like, I suppose, sweet little koala bears, or moa, or fish.

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