"The model"


May 20, 2014

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I translated "The model" as माॅडल which is also given in answer but still duolingo is saying Oops thats not correct. Facing same problem with the sentence having word coffee ( काॅफ़ी) There is some coding problem with the words having sound of (au).


Yes, you are formatting the " ॉ" incorrectly.

  • मॉडल - म + + ड + ल - Correct
  • माॅडल - म ++ + ड + ल - Wrong

You may be formatting this like the second one, which the system doesn't accept. You need to type "ॉ" as one key, not two. The same applies with कॉफ़ी.


Thanks LeMaitre. But i want to know does it make any difference to the meaning of word or sentence. And in keyboard of my phone i am not able to find the combined symbol which you suggested. They are separate here. How can i get this task done?


Aishwerya, the way you type doesn't alter the meaning of the word or sentence, but it is just that Duolingo accepts only the first way of formatting. I'm not sure which mobile you use, but generally, by holding down the "ओ" key on your keyboard, you can get this symbol. You can check out if that works on your mobile too. Here's a screenshot to illustrate :



Finally I am able to do this on my lappy with the help of google language bar. Is there any language tool bar available for mobile also. if so please provide link of that. It will be a great help. Thanks in advance.. :-)


You can refer to this discussion, it has quite a few links : https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2794357


If you copy and paste LeMaitre's answer in an MS Word document, you can see the difference clearly.


How to write model in hindi ...chndrabindu nhi aa rha h


That is not a chandrabindu. This diacritical mark is imported into Hindi in attempt to match the English pronunciation - मॉडल which is in between माडल and मोडल.

You want to type ॅ and not ँ !


माॅडल ही लिखा है


I write same to you then why is wrong


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