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Some students experiencing glitch when trying to open assignment

I've been assigning various lessons as homework and assignments to supplement our current unit since we've had so many snow days, e-learning days and delays that have interrupted our schedule since returning from winter break...

However, the problem is that there are always a handful of students who experience a glitch. When they try to click on the assignment post on the right hand side, it just reloads the page and takes them back to the home screen. Most recently, in a class of 18 students, 3 of them were unable to do the assignment because of this glitch.

I really like using duolingo as a classroom resources but it's unfortunate that it's becoming unreliable.

Anyone else experience an issue like this and know how to resolve it?


February 2, 2019



I haven't personally encountered this problem but, have you checked your internet connection and has this happened to any of your colleagues? Also, have you tried contacting support?


My students have same problems too. Did not know hat to do. I have to check with school to be sure they are not blocking access.


Unfortunately, this is not a new problem. (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29667674) I have yet to see a fix for it.

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