"I like to meet my family."

Translation:मुझे अपने परिवार से मिलना पसंद है।

February 2, 2019

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Is it correct if I say mere instead of apne?


Grammatically, 'mere' wouldn't be correct. When there's a second pointer (e.g. I'd like to meet MY ... -- pointing twice to the same person - apne is required.


I am wondering the same. According to Google, yes:


I thought अपना only referred to the grammatical subject. Here it's translated to refer to मुझे, which is the indirect object of the verbal phrase पसंद है. The grammatical subject here is the verbal noun मिलना.


Good question and I don't know why that is.
As a native speaker, मुझे अपने परिवार से मिलना पसंद है is the correct form and मुझे मेरे परिवार से मिलना पसंद है sounds weird.

But for 'I like my dogs', मुझे मेरे कुत्ते पसंद है is correct. You can rephrase it as मुझे अपने कुत्तों से लगाव है (I have affection for my dogs) for which अपने is natural.
Based on these sentences, here is my guess. When the actual subject of the sentence is an adjective or verbal phrase, अपना can be considered to refer to the main noun/pronoun as long as there is no ambiguity. In both मुझे अपने परिवार से मिलना पसंद है and मुझे अपने कुत्तों से लगाव है, the other nouns are a part of postposition phrases so मुझे is the only free pronoun so to speak. So, अपना refers to it.


Why is सो used in this sentence? It seems completely random in this context.

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... से मिलना ― ... se milnā ― to meet with ...


से एवं सो में अंतर हैं!


मैं अपने परिवार से मिलना चाहता हूँ Can I say like this?


No, because it translates to "I want to meet my family." You see yours is a sentence expressing desire while the sentence we are given expresses fondness which has been already laid on some previous factors in life..to say more closely (not always though), the given sentence expresses fondness or a habit


Why not milne? Isn’t this in the oblique case?


No. It's not in the oblique case because there is no postposition that it is the object of.

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