"Keamanan harus menjadi hal yang utama."

Translation:Security must be the primary thing.

February 2, 2019

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"Security must be the first priority" should be acceptable.


There is that "thing" ("hal") again :-(. Suggestions: "Keamanan harus menjadi 'prioritas' utama" atau "Keamanan harus menjadi 'perhatian' yang utama".


No. "Hal" is frequently used in bahasa Indonesia, meaning not only "thing" but also "affair", "issue" etc. Duo teaches us a natural sentence. I found @donny309620 sometimes translating from English sentences into Indonesian, which sound like a word-for-word translation.

I'm also afraid @donny misunderstood the difference of functions between "pe-an" and "ke-an" affix. "Pe-an" basically converts a verb into a gerund (verb noun; doing). "Perhatian" is derived from "berhati", meaning "paying attention". "Perhatian" is a process of action. The subject of the Duo sentence is "keamanan" and it cannot turn into a process of action. Your proposed sentence is grammatically awkward, in my humble opinion.


Why is 'key issue' considered wrong?


Something Nazis would say :)

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