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Blocked at the end of a lesson.

Hello, it's already happened a few times now : after answering the last question in a lesson, I can't go further to validate what I've done : no owl congratulating me, no lingots, no graph, I'm blocked on the last question page telling me I'm correct. It's a bit of a bother, since I've got to do the lesson again, which was alright till I found it happened to me more often than before. Thank you for your help :) (I think it may be an internet connection problem on my behalf at first, but then duolingo could reiterate the process till it's back or something, just saying though, cause I'm not an expert at all)

May 20, 2014



If it is your internet connection (it sounds like it is) then you will experience issues using Duolingo.


OK, anyway that's a really minor problem, thanks a lot. It only happens at the end of a lesson though, is it because the lesson itself is partially preloaded when I start it ? I'm using wi-fi so it can be a tad bit unstable at times, but when these happened and I checked on another page three seconds later, it was always working, so it's just a guess. Usually, when a page has troubled transmitting information due to the connection trembling a little, I thought in the end it still worked as soon as the connection got healthy again, while here nothing can be done. Well, it's a bit frustrating when it happens on the same lesson in a row, otherwise it's much too scarce to hinder my experience in any way.

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