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  5. "I go shopping."

"I go shopping."

Translation:Hele au i ke kūʻai hele.

February 2, 2019



Ku'ai hele au was accepted


Thank you so much for the audio. It makes a difference.

I find that I read the English exercise and remember hearing the Hawaiian interpretation from an earlier translation. I repeat the translation in my mind and can the readily type the eords on the screen.

Mahalo nui loa no oukou mano'a maika'i.

That is supposed to say thank you all very much for your kind thoughts.


Why not "Hele ku'ai au"?


That is just not how it is said. The word kūʻai means buy or sell and to indicate that you are shopping, ie going to different stores, the word hele is just used as an adverb, like you are saying buying that requires movement.


I believe it's because ku'ai is moreso just the act of a purchase, whereas ku'ai hele is the process of going out and shopping in general. And since it's an activity as such, you get the "I ke" in there as well.


"Kū‘ai bob marley au"

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