"Mama hupika chakula kitamu"

Translation:Mom cooks delicious food

February 2, 2019

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Once again.....Doesnt the habitual tense normally indicate that something usually happens? Couldnt (and perhaps shouldnt) the answer be "Mom usually cooks delicious food"?


In English, doesn't "Mom cooks delicious food" imply that "mom cooking delicious food" is something that usually happens? I think so, but I'm not a native speaker. Explicitly including the "usually" here would imply that sometimes she doesn't, I think, which is not implied at all in the Swahili habitual tense.


I hear what you are saying and it probably does imply it. But I'm arguing that adding "usually" shouldnt be a mark against me. All of the test cases say i am wrong for adding 'usually'. In all of the literature that I have found states something similar to the below....... "The "habitual tense" is a variant of the present tense, which means 'usually/usually not'."

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