Do You know if Duolingo will add voice records for learning Navajo???

I just started to learn the language of the Navajo on Duolingo but the problem is that I do not know how to pronounce the words correctly.

So can You answer my question or do You know some online sources that might give a clue how to pronounce Navajo???

February 2, 2019


There are videos on YouTube with Navajo words spoken by native speaker. One channel is by someone who posts here. Forget channel name. But you can do a search on YouTube

February 3, 2019

ohhh - now that is a great idea.

Have you checked out :

Thanks for encouraging me to look in that direction Elizabeth !

February 3, 2019

Thank you!!!

These links are very helpful and in return I give you 10 lingots of mine.

February 3, 2019
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