"Can I ask a couple of questions?"

Translation:Posso chiedere un paio di domande?

April 7, 2013



perche non posso usare 'una coppia'?

April 7, 2013


Una coppia รจ un uomo e una donna :)

April 8, 2013


So does that me that coppia is more for relationship couples (exactly 2) and paio means more like a few (of non matched) things. IN English, the latter context may not be exactly two, eg I went out with a couple of friends- could be 2 or 3 or even 4. Is that the correct usage in Italian?

November 16, 2013


If it is like in Spanish, 'paio' means exactly 2.

February 17, 2014


yes for the shoes, really not so true for the questions "posso fare un paio di domande" = can i ask few questions (two or three)

February 17, 2014


no love for "Posso domandare un paio di domande?" :(

June 6, 2013


Usually it's fare una domanda, fare un paio di domande, but chiedere domande or domandare domande sounds really unnatural. it's grammatically correct but sounds foreign (i'm italian, on a friend's account)

September 13, 2013


sono d'accordo ... si chiedono le cose non le domande

January 25, 2014


I think "posso chiedere un paio di domande" is correct...it's the same as using Posso fare un paio...

February 7, 2014


mmm .... Saresti riconosciuta come inglese ; ) Anyway you can try a little experiment: from google search type "posso chiedere un paio di domande" (4 results) and then try to type "posso fare un paio di domande" (1.590.000 results). Ciao.

February 7, 2014


I just used this exact sentence and it was correct, now I have to pick it myself and it's considered incorrect?

February 13, 2014
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