"Jaraknya jauh."

Translation:The distance is far.

February 3, 2019

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The distance is far makes no sense in English. "It is far, or "the distance is long" would be better. Also in a similar sentence: "jaraknya dekat" an accepted answer is "the distance is short" sane should apply here


How would I know whether it should be: The distance is far and the far distance? There is no context in these sentences.

  • The distance is far. = Jaraknya jauh.
  • The far distance = Jarak yang jauh


Thank you for that response. Please tell me also why it is 'jaraknya in the first sentence and 'jarak' in the second.


"-nya" is a way to refer back to something already mentioned. It's commonly used similar to "him/her/its" "Her Dog = Anjingnya"

In this case, there's no person or thing mentioned prior, and it doesn't really make sense for someone to possess a distance. However, we can still refer back to something that may have been mentioned earlier and still part of the context of the sentence.

For example, The previous sentence may have been "I'd like to travel to Melbourne by bicycle, but I'll make a lot of stops." "Oh why is that" "The distance is far"/ "Jaraknya jauh"

So in this sentence, "nya" is translated as "The" where the makes it clear we are talking about a particular distance to a particular place, as opposed to just a general concept of distance.


Thank you so much for this elaborate response joeldipops. I still have so much to learn about the Indonesian language and many lessons do not have notes with them.

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