practice writing in French gone!

I'm learning French and I'm in part three and for the last couple of days the lessons have stopped asking me to write stuff in French. Anyone experiencing anything similar?

February 3, 2019


Your personal (unofficial, but very useful) progress page in,
shows, that you are doing lessons in skills with "crown level" 2.
Please read the explanation in this blog:

Review Level 2: Recall

Up to this point, most of the exercises you see include a word bank. In level 2, you begin translating sentences unaided.
This level contains recall exercises, in which you have to translate a sentence in the language you are learning into your native language.
These exercises reinforce your ability to read the language you are learning.

February 3, 2019

Funny, staff writes about RECALL even for L2 target -> L1 native (English) translation.

Usually we use this term - e.g on Memrise - only for unaided L1 English/native -> L2 target language translations, don't we?

Unaided = free text field prompt

I have seen other Duolingo users normally speaking about recognition when I personally expressed "remembering".

February 4, 2019
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