"They read the newspaper."

Translation:Mereka membaca koran itu.

February 3, 2019

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Okay... so why not "Mereka membaca koran ini"? I thought without "ini" it would be "a newspaper"


It could be. And, with "ini", it could also be translated with "The read THIS newspaper".
(this = ini)

I don't know if Duo accepts "the" for "ini", or only for "itu".

I think you are right that, very often, without itu/ini or -nya, so without the definite article, it means "a/an", the indefinite article. As if it's very important to mention that it's a specific determined item, they mention it. But it seems also a contextual thing, and not an absolute rule.

Without any articles, it could be also a "the" that is implied.
Especially here, where it can be understood as an habit: he reads the newspaper everyday -> I think it would be translated without the article in Indonesian.


I love learning indonesian ^ن^


So, Ii dont use itu/ini in this sentence for "the" ? I wrote Mereka mebaca itu koran ?


"Mereka membaca itu koran" = "They read that newspaper".

"Mereka membaca koran" = "They read a/the newspaper".

The articles "a" or "the" is assumed. By adding "itu", then you are specifically signaling out which particular newspaper they read.


"That newspaper" is "koran itu", not "itu koran".


Yes, there's a mistake here.

Itu koran = That is a newspaper.
Koran itu = That newspaper (or the newspaper, but a specific one).

So, I don't think the sentence "Mereka membaca itu koran" is grammatically correct, in any cases.

Mereka membaca koran itu, would be correct, and could mean either They read that newspaper or they read the newspaper. But a specific one, not like reading the newspaper like an habit (= any newspaper), every morning.


Koran itu (i guess)

[deactivated user]

    Itu means that, the is the object


    the , menunjukan itu


    Yes, you can translate "itu" with "that" or "the".

    A more precise translation for They read THE newspaper, would be "Mereka membaca koran itu" (and korannya is also possible according to what I learnt, but more ambiguous).

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