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  5. "They read the newspaper."

"They read the newspaper."

Translation:Mereka membaca koran.

February 3, 2019



the , menunjukan itu


Yes, you can translate "itu" with "that" or "the".

A more precise translation for They read THE newspaper, would be "Mereka membaca koran itu" (and korannya is also possible according to what I learnt, but more ambiguous).


Okay... so why not "Mereka membaca koran ini"? I thought without "ini" it would be "a newspaper"


It could be. And, with "ini", it could also be translated with "The read THIS newspaper".
(this = ini)

I don't know if Duo accepts "the" for "ini", or only for "itu".

I think you are right that, very often, without itu/ini or -nya, so without the definite article, it means "a/an", the indefinite article. As if it's very important to mention that it's a specific determined item, they mention it. But it seems also a contextual thing, and not an absolute rule.

Without any articles, it could be also a "the" that is implied.
Especially here, where it can be understood as an habit: he reads the newspaper everyday -> I think it would be translated without the article in Indonesian.

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