missing words


I have got some words in my lessons, which cannot be found in my vocabulary such as hijo/hija, alberca, madre etc.

Greetings Attila

April 7, 2013


Thank you for your comment. If you come across any more mistakes, you can use the report button at the bottom of a lesson. You will then see a list of possible errors and one of them is about incorrect or missing dictionary hints. Good luck!

Thanks for your reply. However it was not during a lesson. I wanted to see what 'alberca' - a word in a sentence - means after the lesson but did not find it in my vocabulary (menu item). Then I realized hijo/hija, madre and some other words missing as well.

Right, now I understand. I had a look and I noticed that "alberca" is part of the Household category and that "hijo", "hija and "madre" are part of the Family category. These are categories that you haven't unlocked yet. It is possible that the program shows you new words before you have unlocked the categories that they belong to. These words will likely be added to your dictionary once you have learned them as part of their category.

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