Really long 'tips' before lessons (on iOS with Duolingo Plus)

I keep on getting posts before lessons like 'More people are learning Irish on Duolingo than there are Irish speakers in Ireland' and those posts last for about a minute and cannot be skipped. Also, whenever I pull down notifications the app crashes. It is pretty annoying.

Does anyone have a similar issue? I couldn't imagine that this was by design.

(I always have an internet connection and also have the latest version of iOS and Duolingo)

2 weeks ago

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Those are basically loading screens. Sometimes the app is buggy and it gets stuck while loading. It's more stable for me now on android but around the time when the updated look came out this happened constantly.

2 weeks ago
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I recommend moving this to the Troubleshooting section for proper help as it isn't related to Japanese. You can do this by editing your post and selecting "Troubleshooting" from the Topic dropdown menu at the top. :)
You can also submit a bug report with this form

1 week ago
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