Audio Levels Changing

The sound effects such as correct answer and regular reading of a translation work fine but fluctuate slightly. However when it comes to the 'Type what you hear' the audio usually drops very low, making it difficult to hear. And this wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that those are the times it matters to listen. And turning up the volume slightly enables you to hear it on most occasions but I have experienced the volume of the recording playing almost silently. And even at full volume, I can barely hear it, and once I submit an answer, which usually is a guess, I get deafened by the sound of it being correct or incorrect.

Please fix this and keep all the audio volumes frequent. I have only experienced this in my French course so far but it may apply elsewhere as well.

(I am using a Windows 7 computer and the web version of Duolingo)

February 3, 2019


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