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  5. "He is the judge."

"He is the judge."

Translation:Er ist der Richter.

April 7, 2013



Before, when it was ' My wife is a doctor', they dropped the 'a' before doctor and now they add 'the' before judge! ( I read a comment saying that you should drop the article before the possession. That I did and there forth comes the mistake!)


There is a difference between "He is a judge" and "He is the judge".

"He is a judge" describes the profession of the man. In German, this is expressed as "Er ist Richter." The English sentence uses an indefinite article, but the German sentence uses no article.

"He is the judge" describes something else that is more context-dependent. For example, it could mean this man is the judge of a particular court or case that is being discussed. In any case, this sentence is expressed as "Er ist der Richter" in German. Each sentence uses a definite article.


when the Noun is as accusative, why not use the "den"?


If it was accusative, it would be "den", you are correct. However it is nominative. See the second paragraph here:


Duo taught me to drop the article (in german) when stating a title/profession. What happened?


I think it's interesting how "richtig" means "correct" and "Richter" is "judge". As in, the jugde is supposed to be correct.


Sie ist die richter. Is this sentence true


Female judge(s):
"She is the judge" = "Sie ist die Richterin"
"They are the judges" = "Sie sind die Richterinnen"

Male judge(s):
"He is the judge" = "Er ist der Richter"
"They are the judges" = "Sie sind die Richter"

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