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Suggestion: Native Speaker help

Here's my idea:

<pre>There should be an option which you included your native language eg. french. Ok, so I am native french speaker and I want to help people who are learning french. So here's what I would do now to try to help someone, I would do some french exercises to see whether it is correct or not and if there's a mistake I would suggest a correction. I could also check the translations and correct them. Now I think it doesn't help much, I think we should be able to interact with one another somehow, so we could help each other. If I'm learning german and I speak french, I should be to interact with someone who's learning french and speaks german. </pre>

I'm not sure how it could be done, perhaps when correcting a translation the native speaker should be able to explain what is wrong and why it is wrong. It might not be the website's goal to actually do that, but I definitely think it would help people to learn.

Thanks for reading it :)

April 7, 2013



I know lots of other native English speakers who I would not trust to correct my grammar.


Yeah, many native English speakers don't understand when to use commas, when to use your/you're, or it's/its, and that kind of thing. It's kinda sad. But still, it would work for simple vocabulary questions, like "What's the difference between 'monkey' and 'gorilla'?" and things like that.


It sounds like a good idea to me. The only problem might be how you would maintain quality control. I speak British English with a distinct northern accent and some dialect. I might not be the best person to help, say, a native Spanish speaker who wants to learn English for travel in the US. But with some firm guidelines and checks, I'm sure that this would be a useful and fun way of progressing.

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I like the idea. While i agree with Anglea that people will still make mistakes in their own languages, a native speaker understands the language better than someone that just started learning. That being said, portuguese is my main language. Please feel free to ask me for help.

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