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  5. "A comemoração é amanhã."

"A comemoração é amanhã."

Translation:The celebration is tomorrow.

May 20, 2014



Why is "the commemoration is tomorrow" wrong?


Try reporting.


Is their translation wrong?


They are translated the same way in Portuguese.

But you have: in commemoration of his father = em memória a seu pai.


It's accepted now.


A comemoração é amanhã.

The commemoration is tomorrow.


commemoration is a somber service honoring those who have died celebration is a joyful event filled with laughter. It's interesting how the word has an opposite meaning in Portuguese.


Weird, isn't it?? But in fact, the translations are fine. Languages evolve in such an odd way....

This is not the only case where some words switch or invert meanings between English and Brazilian Portuguese.

But in Portugal, they are not inverted in this case. So I think Brazil was the one who mixed things up here :p


I would think it would be "a celebração é amanhã" That would make more sense to me. Comemoração to me gives more the idea of somber "commemoration" (same root word) while "celebração" gives more the idea of happy and glad partying.


Not really! In fact, for my native ear, "celebração" is much more formal than "comemoração".

"Celebração" is related to ceremonies, church services, etc. "Comemoração" is what common people do together when they are happy.

It's weird how the meanings got "crossed" between the languages:

celebration = comemoração commemoration = celebração


Oh okay, it is probably a difference between Mozambique and Brazil, here they use "Comemoração" for times such as when they are celebrating the life of someone at their funeral. While I know "celebração" they use for both church ceremonies, but also parties such as weddings, graduations, and the like. More of the happy occasions.

I have realised that Portuguese in Brazil, Portugal, and Africa are different in many ways, including the meanings of words.


In Portugal, the use of the words is aligned with the English usage. So "celebração" means celebration (a happy event / party), while "comemoração" means commemoration (a more formal event e.g. remembering historic events like the end of the second world war).

For example, it is common in Portugal to say "celebração do aniversario" for birthday party, and "celebração do aniversario de casamento" for wedding anniversary.

So it seems that the crossing of the meanings is from the evolution of European Portuguese to Brazilian Portuguese...


Ah, that is why here in Mozambique it is that way... We use Portugal's grammar for the most part.


Yes. Portugal and Brazil see them differently.

In Brazil, comemoração is a thing we do when we are happy.


i will only note that duolingo is selective about sentences in which it accepts or not words like comemoração or celebração, and very often for american speakers it is quite arbitrary (independently of the context for the sentence that is imagined.)


Well, the course is specific in being Brazilian Portuguese. I am always glad when I learn (ok, try to..) differences between BP and EP


celebration=comemorar commeration=celebrar


What's the difference between festa and comemoração?

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