"Maaf, saya memecahkan piring kamu."

Translation:Sorry, I broke your plate.

February 3, 2019

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Can you also say piringmu?


Is this the same as "merusak"?


"Memecah(kan)" (root word = pecah) is more specific, according to my dictionaries. "Pecah" is similar to "to crash". The detailed definition is "to split into more than one piece". "Pecah" is also used to describe dry skins and soils because of the cracks.

Meanwhile "merusak" (root word "rusak") means "to damage/ruin/harm". "Merusak piring" does not necessarily mean that you broke it but probably you just scribbled on it, or you used wrong detergent for washing so that you destroyed its coating.


I used the verb "cracked" and it was marked wrong. Why?

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