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  5. "The goat has a cheek."

"The goat has a cheek."

Translation:Tłʼízí aniitsį́ʼ hólǫ́.

February 3, 2019



So is the "bee" in "bee hólǫ́" optional then? "Goat cheek exists" makes as much sense as "goat cheek to it exists" in Navajo, right?


As far as i have seen, both answers should be correct. I'm not certain why duolingo is so inconsistent with it. Maybe just because it's still such a new course.


Ahéhee'! Yeah, and how they refer to animals in English without articles, like "Bear eats the potato" and how they sometimes only accept the present simple, or present continuous, but not both. Definitely a work in progress. But I wouldn't have ever really gotten around to learning a word of Navajo without a Duolingo course, and it's such a beautiful language, so I am very grateful to the course contributors all the same.


This is annoying. Im typing it out but won't accept it


I have solved: use annitsj''. Note that is not quotation marks but actually two apostrophes.


I sure love having to guess whether I need bee or not every time.


Aniist'i' works for this one


I do not have Dine Bizzaad fonts only english fonts sorry I know aniitsi close enough. Sigh ok? Understand?


it froze and i waas about to get my trophy

[deactivated user]

    aniits'į' works

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