"Io e te nuotiamo nel mare."

Translation:You and I swim in the sea.

April 7, 2013

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Why is it "te" if it's the subject?


Secondo "L'italiano senza errori": Il pronome "te" รจ usato come complemento oggetto o indiretto; attenzione quindi a non confonderli; non diremo mai: "io e te andremo al cinema stasera" ma "tu ed io andremo al cinema stasera".


I have the same question. Maybe there is a rule where, when you say I and [something], [something] is treated like an object?


how do yo get from "io e te" to "you and I"? this is for learning Italian, even if "I and you" sounds odd in English, it is The correct translation of "io e te".


Io e tu nuotiamo nel mare. Not accepted. io e te is?


For an academic discussion of this in Italian, see the article "Io e te, io e tu o tu e io?" at https://accademiadellacrusca.it/it/consulenza/io-e-te-io-e-tu-o-tu-e-io/275


The translation "me and you" should have been accepted, not only "you and I".

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    Why doesn't DL like order when it comes to I and you as expressed in Italian?

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