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  5. "Io e te nuotiamo nel mare."

"Io e te nuotiamo nel mare."

Translation:You and I swim in the sea.

April 7, 2013



Why is it "te" if it's the subject?


Secondo "L'italiano senza errori": Il pronome "te" รจ usato come complemento oggetto o indiretto; attenzione quindi a non confonderli; non diremo mai: "io e te andremo al cinema stasera" ma "tu ed io andremo al cinema stasera".


I have the same question. Maybe there is a rule where, when you say I and [something], [something] is treated like an object?


Io e tu nuotiamo nel mare. Not accepted. io e te is?


My guess is, this is similar to "you and I" vs "you and me" vs "I and you" in English. "You and me" is grammatically incorrect but perfectly acceptable, while there is nothing grammatically wrong with "I and you" / "io e tu" (putting yourself in the second place is just a matter of good manners), it simply sounds ackward because it is never used.


Why not ocean? Is "mare" fresh water?


how do yo get from "io e te" to "you and I"? this is for learning Italian, even if "I and you" sounds odd in English, it is The correct translation of "io e te".


For an academic discussion of this in Italian, see the article "Io e te, io e tu o tu e io?" at https://accademiadellacrusca.it/it/consulenza/io-e-te-io-e-tu-o-tu-e-io/275

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