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"Dicevano lo stesso anche quando perdevamo."

Translation:They were saying the same even when we were losing.

May 20, 2014



What's wrong with 'they were ALSO saying the same thing when we were losing'?


Anche modifies what follows it.


How to say 'they used to say the same ...' etc ????


Identical: "were ...ing", "used to ..." and "would ..." are choices for translating from imperfetto, depending on context and preferred style. The relevant contexts are continuity, custom and repetition in the past. I think "used to" is a better choice in this example.


ahhhh ok , this has been causing me headaches for a while, grazie mille.

Also, this is be one of those lingoisms where a one-for-one translation does not really work that well in English, e.g I would be far more likely to say....

'we were saying the same thing even when we were losing`, or

'we used to say that even when we were losing`.

Thanks again.


Is there anything wrong with "They were saying the same too when we were losing."? Anche can mean "too", "also" or "even" - correct?


I think that would be ok.

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