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Ora conosco 1000 parole in italiano!!

per favore, controlla il titolo :)

Ed ora è tempo per festini!!

February 3, 2019



Congrats e avanti a tutta (idiomatic, full steam ahead). The title is right !


Gefeliciteerd! Veel succes met Italiaans leren!


Ottimo lavoro, e il titolo è corretto. Now for another 1000. It's exciting isn't it, enjoy your learning and celebrations:-)


Yes, it is indeed! Also I noticed you are very active around Duolingo and helping people out so I wanted to show my appreciation for your contribution towards making this community a better place :)


Congrats. Add quizlet and memrise to your routine and you will have a whole arsenal of vocab, if you wish. Movies and music will introduce you to new vocab as well. The hardest part is to recall those words when you need them, to pick them out when a native speaks at light speed.


Thanks for the recommendation however I am still missing some important grammar haha. I'm progressing very slowly because I work em all up to gold since most of the words are not familiar to me due to a different language group therefore I need a lot of practice first before starting with movies haha. Currently I'm only using Duolingo, Tinycards and my gf :)


Complimenti :)

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