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"Le professeur marche jusqu'à la plage."

Translation:The teacher walks all the way to the beach.

April 7, 2013



Would 'marche a la plage' without the jusqu'a affect the current translation at all? Or does this specifically mean he walks up to the beach.


I take it to mean 'right up to', I think you have the right idea

Of course, it marked 'right up to' wrong because it's not exactly literal. You have to be careful w/ these exercises


So "il marche jusqu'à la plage" means something like "He walks to the beach (and he will stay there)" while "il marche à la plage" means "He walks to the beach (but he will not stay there)"? I'm not English and the difference in both languages confuse me


There is nothing in "jusqu'à la plage" that says he will or will not stay there, only that that was his destination. It does not say what he did next.


Confuses, pardon


I remember a native explaining this to me. When you say "Le professeur marche jusqu'à la plage", you are saying that the teacher walks until he gets to the beach. When you just say "Le professeur marche à la plage", you are simply saying that he walks to the beach.


I wrote "all the way to" and it got marked wrong


I was wondering why i wrote that, i guess that's what they taught us.


When does one use "jusqu'à," and when does one use "au?"


I think it depends on whether the following noun is masculine or feminine, eg. "jusqu'au ..." for masculine, and "jusqu'a la ..." for feminine.


"all the way (up) to" used to be accepted for 'jusqu'a.' any reason it's not accepted here?

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down to the beach?


...walks until the beach was not liked be DL. Hmmm.


I also wrote 'until the beach' which means the teacher walked just to the beach. Should be accepted.


Using "until" might fit in a slightly different sentence but in this one, just "to the beach" says it all. It feels rather awkward here.


Why is "walks towards" wrong and "walks to" correct? I can see the distinction in use of the two, but i cannot see the error..


Presuming you're starting from the French, the "jusqu'à" tells you that he is walking (as far as, or right up until he gets there but no further) to the beach. "Walking toward" would be "il marche vers la plage". Hope that helps.


"As far as" , the best translation, rightly accepted.

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