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"chabal tetlh"

Translation:a wish list

February 3, 2019



In the "select the word" question, the English to which chabal tetlh was the answer was "a wishlist". But in this question if you answer "wishlist" it tells you you missed a space.


I think no dictionaries list "wishlist" as a single word. It is an error, but I don't doubt that it is becoming more common. Still I think no dictionaries have recognized it as an English word yet, so neither do we. The exercises for this sentence in Duolingo do not show "wishlist" as an accepted answer. It's possible that Duolingo accepts the answer with the missing space, but it should certainly never show it to you without the space. However, since this course is teaching Klingon and not English, I will enter it as an accepted variation.


It did show it to me without the space, though. In the exercise where you choose between the three words with the pictures. I checked the lesson review at the end, and it definitely said "a wishlist". (This was the last lesson of "Home Life".) It was the inconsistency that bothered me, more than any particularly strong feeling about whether it should be accepted in principle.


I can't find it written that way anywhere in our system, so I can't even explain it or fix it.


I found it (it was the image exercise under chabal) and edited it to "wish list".

Wiktionary lists both forms (though the one-word form says that the two-word form is more common/standard), but dictionary.com only the two-word form.

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