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Text spoken by us instead of computer voice.

According to the information I have all texts on Duolingo are spoken by a computer voice. Sometimes this sounds very weird! I thought it would be great, if the users of Duolingo could contribute to improve some Sounds.

This idea works fine on http://www.dict.cc/ There is one computer sound and several sounds spoken by people for every translation.

This could work here too. I think many users are willing to read things in their native language since they are grateful for Duolingo. Moreover Duolingo could give them bonuses like lingots. Also the community here can approve the spoken sounds.

May 20, 2014

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Completely agree. I've seen this brought up several times on Duolingo. It would be awesome if they could incorporate it.


Furthermore, when there is a natural speaker, there should be the possibility to hear (and if necessary correct) your own voice/your recording and to compare it with the "official" recording. I think, a good place to have this functionality would be at the end of a lection/practice, when you see all your answers. And maybe already in the answer directly under a question.

Maybe you could also implement some extra tasks (in return to lingots?).


I definitely agree! As it is, listening to French lessons, I'm often cringing at how strange the voice sounds, since we don't speak like that where I live, nor in any French community I've visited! The English is also rather strange, we most definitely don't speak like that! I think this would definitely help people improve their accents in that language!

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