"He wai huʻihuʻi kēia."

Translation:This is cold water.

February 4, 2019

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Why is, "This water is cold" wrong?


Basically from my understanding the subejct modifier is cold, so its this is cold water otherwise the sentence would be "kēia huʻihuʻi wai" for this water is cold.


Hu'ihu'i kēia wai.
This water is cold.


The word "wai" means water and juice.


I think "water" is "wai", and "juice" is "wai hua ʻai", which is literally "water [of] fruit".


Is the anwser "This is fresh water" wrong?


Can someone please help me understand why it must be ʻcoldʻ, but not ʻchilledʻ water in the English translation? We keep our water and our coffee in the refrigerator here in Waikīkī and call them both ʻchilledʻ in English.


There is no reason that it could not. Hu'ihu'i to me, means "ice cold," and not just cold. Keep in mind that the developers of this course cannot possibly account for the nearly infinite variety of interpretations that hundreds or even thousands of people will have. If you wrote "chilled," try to understand that you may be the first person to recommend that interpretation. I am probably the first one to ever recommend "ice-cold" as an interpretation. That does not make it wrong, it makes it different.

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