"That is why I am mad at him."

Translation:Deshalb bin ich sauer auf ihn.

April 7, 2013



wütend and sauer are synonyms here, just as well as Deshalb and Darum. I suggest adding "Deshalb (or Darum) bin ich wütend auf ihn" to the correct solutions.

April 7, 2013


Why is auf taking the accusative here? It doesn't make a lot of sense.. is there some way of making sense into it, or is it just one of those things you need to memorize? Sauer sein auf acc.?

January 5, 2015


why is ihn accusative? from what I've learned, auf is a two way preposition and when there is no motion, it becomes dative. Is this overridden by the fact that "ihn" (him) is the direct object?

April 1, 2015


Is it wrong to use mit instead of auf?

October 16, 2016


I suspect that would imply you and he are both mad together, not at anything in particular.

October 16, 2016


How about "Deshalb habe ich Angst vor ihm"?

March 17, 2014


That means, "That's why I'm afraid of him."

April 17, 2014


Ahh... Angst is not anger.. thank you!

April 18, 2014


Does anyone know of a good resource to know which words count as a position in the sentence? I know the rule of keeping the verb in the second position, but every now and then I'll come across a word that exists outside the sentence where you'd normally think it takes the first position...

April 6, 2015


Do you have an examples of this?

April 6, 2015


I really like the Dartmouth German grammer site. Here's the word order section: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~deutsch/Grammatik/WordOrder/WordOrder.html

June 9, 2017


Das ist weil ich an ihnen wütend bin. ??

April 29, 2013


olimo is right. ""Das ist weil" would mean something like "That is because" if you translate it back to English. "darum" and "deshalb" are both correct. You'll also need to take care of the prepositions here, you cannot say "an ihnen". In German, you use "wütend" with the preposition "auf", so it would be "wütend auf ihn". You can trust me, even if I only have 8 levels of German here in duolingo - I am a German native speaker, I'm originally only here to learn Spanish ;) But I know the pain of trying to figure out which prepositions to use, we Germans have the same problem with the English ones. :)

May 13, 2013


So "Darum bin ich sauer auf ihn." should be an accepted answer?

July 24, 2013


I always thought wütend meant furious - much stronger than sauer. Have I got that wrong?

November 22, 2013


I don't think "Das ist weil" will work for "That is why". There are "deshalb" or "darum" for that.

April 30, 2013


Why not "das ist warum er mich ärgert"?

July 27, 2014


Wouldn't it be more grammatically correct to say "Deshalb bin ich (böse/wütend) auf ihn"? This translates to "That is why I am peeved at him" - a synonym, but not the same.

December 1, 2014


What is the rule for using "bin ich" versus "ich bin" in cases like this?

January 19, 2015


The rule is "the verb should always come second". So if there's an adverb at the start, or a clause before the sentence, you swap them round.

That's a generalisation, but it should get you started. Conjunctions don't count, for instance. So it would still be, "Aber ich bin sauer auf ihn."

January 19, 2015


Whats the difference between "ihn" and "ihm", please help. Thanks

April 11, 2015


Er is Nominative, Ihn is Accusative, Ihm is Dative.

Duo explains about Accusative and Dative pronouns if you need help.



April 11, 2015


I don't know if it is the same for MTVVV, but my problem is that 'auf' usually takes dative. Do you know why it is accusative here? Thanks

April 12, 2015


If it means "on", "auf" takes dative. If it means "onto", "auf" takes accusative.

I'm not sure if that's always true, but just remember that with dual prepositions, accusative means there's motion and dative means there's position.

Das ist auf dem Tisch = That is on the table

Stelle das auf den Tisch = Set that on/onto the table.

June 5, 2015


You're quite right, I'm sure I already knew that. Don't know why I asked this question, thank you though.

June 5, 2015


I always thought deshalb was "therefore" and deswegen was "that is why". Do they mean the same thing?

June 4, 2015


They are synonymous, yes, just like Warum, Wieso, Weshalb, and Weswegen. They all have very subtly different tones, though, so at worst you might sound less than native.

June 5, 2015


Well, yes; 'I'm cold, therefore I put on a jumper', or 'I'm cold, and that is why I put on a jumper'. Same thing really.

June 5, 2015


Why can't we use "Daher"?

November 26, 2015


can: Dadurch hab ich anger mit ihm. work?

February 24, 2016


I see where you're coming from, but no, 'anger' is not a German word as far as I know, and you can't use the German word for 'anger' - 'Zorn' - with 'mit'. Personally, I would say 'Ich bin ihm böse', 'böse' is the best translation I know for 'angry'.

February 25, 2016


Why can't I use "dadurch" in this sentence?

October 2, 2016


I can't say for sure, but I believe that would mean you're describing your method of delivering your anger. Like "Via the internet, I am mad at him" It's not so much a reason you're giving.

October 2, 2016


It does make sense, but I believe that few sentences earlier "dadurch" was used as "therefore", so I'm slightly confused.

October 2, 2016


According to Duden, dadurch and darum are synonyms:


October 15, 2016


Hmmm... Weiso nicht /dafür/ bin ich auf ihn sauer?

May 13, 2017


Why does this one have inverted word order and sogar sie hat ein Fahrrad, doesn't?

February 14, 2018


Why not deswegen?

September 11, 2018
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