"It's 3 am in the morning" is the most hilarious story i have done so far.

I started Duolingo stories for French not long ago, and I am currently on the first set. I am really excited about the stories, because I have found myself naturally understand the stories without translating it in my head to English first. I smiled at myself every single time hit the enter key, because it was so satisfying putting the pieces of what I have been learning so far together.

And I also watched an episode of Caillou earlier today which I understood a decent amount of the 20 mins animation. I can't wait to increase my listeaning and speaking proficiency.

1 week ago


That story made me laugh out loud. Many of the stories are quite funny; I really enjoy them

1 week ago

I am currently in French level 17 , I had completed all the stories , and I like to know if Duolingo will be adding new ones.

1 week ago
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I agree. I'm also eagerly anticipating new stories. I can almost guarantee that there will be more because the the last French story end on a cliff-hanger (it's one of several parts). The question now is when...

1 week ago

I am not sure, but i think there will be more. Since there are more demands.

1 week ago
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