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Incorrect Correct Answers on Android

Duo in Android has been doing this kind of thing to me recently:


May 20, 2014



That no fun:( I wonder why...


The only difference is the period, but that shouldn't make any difference, at least it never has before. Short version: WTF?


full stop maybe? I know it sounds silly but that's the only difference that I can see!


This is a problem that has existed on the iOS app since it was updated so it looks like it is also on the Android app as well. When you get something wrong, it shows you what you wrote instead of what the correct answer was. This looks like French so I cannot help any further and as the original question is audio it is difficult to know what was said. Hopefully you will get an answer from a moderator as it is frustrating.


I don't think this is the same issue, because the "correct" answer has a period at the end and my response doesn't. But that does sound like a frustrating issue.


Ah, i see now. I have never given any punctuation in my answers and I have never been marked wrong for that omission so it sounds like you have found a real bug.

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