"Demokrasi perlu masyarakat yang menyadari pentingnya hidup bersama."

Translation:Democracy needs a society that is aware of the importance of living together.

February 4, 2019

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Living together is one thing, but it wouldn't hurt to add "peacefully" at the end of the sentence to stress value of one of the pilars of democracy.


You could just add it yourself in your own speaking lol. Not everything is going to be 100% your way in practice.


"coexistence" should also be accepted in place of "living together"


Hmm. I don't think your alternative answer captures the nuance of "bersama". "Bersama" (together) requires a common ground whereas "coexistence" can be achieved by completely separating two entities. South Korea and North Korea, for example, coexist but not being together.


"Democracy needs a public who are aware of the importance of living together." It's the same thing... but marked wrong!!!!

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