"She sells dresses."

Translation:Dia menjual gaun.

February 4, 2019

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Why not gaun-gaun? Isn't it a plural?

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    Whats the difference between 'mem' and 'men' before words? Something about past tense?


    No, it's not about past tense, no need to worry about tenses, Indonesian doesn't use tenses.
    "me-" prefix converts a base word into a verb.

    It depends on the starting letter of the base word if "me-" is 'conjugated'.
    The conjugation table looks like this :

    Starting letter base word Conjugation
    l, m, n, r, w Me + base
    vowel, g, h Me + ng
    c, d, j Me + n
    b, f, v Me + m
    k Me + ng – k
    t Me + n – t
    s Me + ny – s
    p Me + m – p
    monosyllabic Me + nge +base

    Here is a Tinycards deck with more examples :

    No need to do the lessons there, just flip through the cards of the deck to see how a base word is converted into a "me-" verb.

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