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I really enjoy learning Indonesian. I learn it because all of my dad's family speaks it.

February 4, 2019



I'm glad you're enjoying the course.
Excellent reason to start learning Indonesian.
You can practice with your father and his family, that makes it much easier (and more fun).
Don't rush it, enjoy.
Alon-alon asal kelakon.


Alon-alon asal kelakon, haha. Do you speak Javanese as well?


I want to learn Javanese someday but I can't find any good resources to do so.


you might have a bit more luck finding indonesian-javanese materials when you feel comfortable enough in indonesian to do so

[deactivated user]

    That seems like a really good reason for learning it. Good luck! I'm sure your father's family will appreciate your efforts.


    I own The Raid and The Raid 2 Indonesian action movies. I watch it in Indonesian and with it's subtitles. I'm Filipino-American by the way. Respect to our big neighbors south of my ancestors' homeland.


    Have fun and good luck!!

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