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  5. "How is your father?"

"How is your father?"

Translation:आपके पिता कैसे हैं?

February 4, 2019



why is plural हैं here if पिता is singular? I think that was explained somewhere, but I don't know where to find it.


It is a way of giving respect/being formal. Words referring to older people or people who are in a higher position (like पिता, दादी, गुरु etc) are generally treated as if they were plural.


I suspected as much. Thank you for clearing that up so quickly. It's a bit like European languages that use plural second person to address single people politely. Or kings referring to themselves in the first person plural.


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I am struggling to understand the rules on where how/who/what is placed in the sentence . Sometimes it's at the beginning and sometimes in the body of the sentence. Can anyone help ? Thank you in advance.


The rule of thumb is that the question word is placed where you would expect the answer to be in the response.
Eg: राज के पिता कैसे हैं? - राज के पिता अच्छे हैं।

As a result, क्या (what), कौन (who), कैसे (when it means 'how'), etc go before the verb in the sentence. कौनसा (which), कैसा (what kind of), कितना (how many/how much),किस ('what'/'who' when part of a noun phrase) go before the noun/adjective they act on.
तुम क्या खाते हो? - What do you eat? - क्या goes before the verb खाते
तुम कितने आम खाते हो? - How many mangoes do you eat - कितने goes before the noun आम that it acts on

क्या also has another use where it is used to convert a statement into a yes/no question. In this usage, it always goes at the beginning of the sentence. For example, the sentence आमिर राज का दोस्त है। (Aamir is Raj's friend) can be converted to a yes/no question by prefixing it with 'क्या' - क्या आमिर राज का दोस्त है? (Is Aamir Raj's friend?)


Thank you so much for taking so much trouble to explain this so well, I really appreciate it very much :)


Thank you, this has made all the difference to me! I appreciate you taking the time to explain with so much detail, really kind of you !

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