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Just a quick tip: learners of Polish, you just need to do this!

Hi fellow Duolingeans (if such a word exists :) just a quick tip I have found immensely helpful in learning to speak better Polish through Duolingo (I think this applies especially to immediate and a bit more advanced learners, I can't say it for absolute beginners)

If you are like me, always painstakingly taking your time to type the right answers, watch for the correct grammar, and to not make spelling errors: buy yourself timed exercise with Lingots, and then use the exercise function (with the dumbbell on the right that says "practice" :) And then get your butt kicked by these timed exercises.

I promise you, after you have done some of them, you will approach the learning differently, it will not only be your conscious mind that produces the answers, but you will follow your more intuitive approach, and if you have prior knowledge gained through the regular repetitions on Duo and other learning places, you will be surprised at how much you actually already know, without being aware that was the case before!

It will help you in making the learning more varied and also train you for the real life situations where you will have to produce the language much faster than you are used to with just the regular exercises. I just had such a situation where I was 'conversing' (if one can call it like that ^^) with a native and I realized I was just taking too much time on finding the words! So this exercise helped me very much!

I am posting this here because I have never used this function before and I am quite advanced in the Polish tree, so this was a little mindblowing for me, and maybe it will help others!

Greetings Mudkipz

February 4, 2019



As a person who has had their butt kicked innumerable times by Polish...with no end in sight (except for mine)...I think you have a good suggestion here.


And do not forget to practice speaking to native speakers and learners through various apps and websites.


Do you have any suggestions for apps?


busuu has a polish course (it's a subscription payment, though). i can't speak for the polish course specifically, but i've tried the russian/french courses and like them well enough.


Thanks! How does it compare to Duolingo in your experience? Why is it better/different?


thanks for that one, will definitely try this out in this difficult language. i think however, that this is more useful for those later on in the tree who already have a god sense of how the case system works. Good luck everyone with this hard but cool language!


Thanks, I think the good luck will come with effort :) you are right, this technique is really beneficial once you have grown your knowledge through repetition.


I find the timed exercices nice, but it gets tough when you want to type the correct żźłęńć..., so often I switch back to the normal ones!


I agree: this is not for learning to spell everything correctly :) every type of exercise definitely has it's own merit.


With the exercices I would find it nice also if there were an option to practice before reaching level five in a topic, possibly only on the matter covered up to that point. (As far as I am aware of, that's not possible now).


I very much agree.

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