"ʻO Kaʻiulani ka inoa o ke kiʻiʻoniʻoni."

Translation:Kaʻiulani is the name of the movie.

February 4, 2019

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Princess Kaʻiulani trailer

(Link) https://youtu.be/kB6sWaD_JRE


Is is like moana lol


I wanted to say "The name of the movie is 'Ka'iulani,'" but didn't want to have to redo it to finish the lesson.

[deactivated user]

    Duo accepted it for me.


    Counted "Kaʻiulani" wrong on mine. I thought movie titles required quotes. No?


    I think it needs Report-ing.


    I guess Duo like you better than me. It rejected that sentence again. That answer is wrong only if you take the Hawaiian to be the answer to "He aha 'o Ka'iulani," and I don't think it can be. It must answer "He aha ka inoa o ke kiʻiʻoniʻoni."


    it accepted "The name of the movie is Kaʻiulani" for me. odd! maybe duolingo got confused by the quotation marks around the name, thinking you meant ʻokinas?


    Interesting idea. I hope I find a chance to test it. But I imagine I would have used double quotes.


    would Ka'iulani is the title of the movie be correct


    That is fine. If it marks it wrong, then report.


    I still can't figure out the difference between "Kaʻiulani is the name of the movie" and "The name of the movie is 'Ka'iulani.'" Either would answer "What is the name of the movie?" Granted, the former of those would be best for "What is 'Ka'iulani?" but surely the Hawaiian isn't answering a question of that meaning.


    Both English versions are fine to match the given Hawaiian prompt. For Hawaiian, the sentence that is given is the most common way to say it, but the word order is flexible. Another way to say it is ʻO ka inoa o ke kiʻiʻoniʻoni ‘o Kaʻiulani.

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