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How about a button to kill the text ?

Why not have a button to kill text and force you to comprehend the spoken word only? I'm visually oriented, and with text you can reread at your leisure. With sound, you have to process everything one word at a time. So I can read but I can't hold a conversation. A simple button at the beginning of a lesson, to kill text, would be another way to attack the comprehension problem.

February 5, 2019



That is a good idea. Right now I purposely look away from the screen so I have to listen, which is kind of annoying.

It might not work so well for people with spotty internet though.


That would help listening skills a lot. Or maybe add some bonus lessons that are listening only?

[deactivated user]

    I'm practically blind, and I think this is a really cool idea I never even thought of. I'm hoping at some point in the near future they'll import some form of the script mentioned by @Thomas.Heiss, or come up with one of their own. It's annoying for me to have my screen about three to four inches away from my face just to see the text. Have a couple of lingots, Hawki.


    For a while the stories had that feature. I guess they don't anymore.

    For the listening comprehension you can find various websites/blogs with intermediate dialogue. I have found a couple of them in French that I like. They don't do any English, and it's all talk with no subtitles, but not too complicated. It's geared for "intermediate" level speakers. I clicked on many pages full of useless garbage before I found those blogs that I like, but I eventually found some. I bet if you search for "intermediate Spanish" you'll find lots of them. You might have to try out a few to find some that you like.

    Try "Español con Juan" on youtube and see if that's your speed.


    You can use Camilo's Tampermonkey/Violentmonkey user script on the web portal to accomplish this: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/19654789/Userscript-Tree-Enhancer

    As a bonus you get the audio working in your target language (Spanish) for multiple-choice and right hand side translations.


    I really want this!!!! I try not to look at the text, so I can practice listening more, but it is awkward.


    If you do the stories, there's a button for only voice. I found them much better for listening comprehension. As you say with text, you can look at it and eventually figure it out.


    With what? A chainsaw? (Sorry for the bad joke...) This would actually be a pretty good idea, and can help people train with their listening skills.


    I do not like to speak at all so I dunno if this would be a good idea, maybe if they did so but made it optional or somethin??


    that would be very helpful I


    that's a good idea though you could always just avoid looking at the text. I do that sometimes and it's just starting to click


    I agree. I also try to listen before looking but it is not very convenient. An option to hide/see the text would be very helpful.


    maybe something you can buy in the shop and at the beginning of every skill you will have the option to kill text if you ahve already bought it in the shop


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    Yeah i think this would be great. Understanding spoken spanish and working out where one word ends and the next begins is what I have most problem with. I can follow with the text but often get lost without it.


    Yes! a very good idea.


    Yes. I agree. Another thing that might help is if instead of just being given random phrases and sentences, the sentences actually followed one another and developed into a conversation or a story of some sort.


    Of course they do have the stories we can listen to but it would be nice if they contained the vocabulary we are being taught in the lessons.

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