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"Mtume Muhamad alizaliwa mwaka mia sita na thelathini na mbili."

Translation:Prophet Muhammad was born in the year six hundred and thirty-two.

February 5, 2019



Wikipedia tells he he died in the year 632, not born as the answer is here. Wikipedia says he was born in 571.

Additionally, i incorrectly answered 642 instead of 632 but it still marked me as correct.


i am surprised that this question has not been corrected. this is wrong history, just saying ...


English Wiktionary says that "mtume" belongs to the m/wa class, and yet states that its plural is "mitume". Can someone explain? Asante!

P. S. By the way, mtume originally meant "messenger" and is a derivation of -tuma ("to send").


probably a mistake based on the fact that it agrees with some m-wa concords (on account of being a living thing), but it's still essentially a m-mi class noun.


yes, sometimes the nouns will deviate from the typical prefixes, but their associated affixes do not change i.e. mtume will still use the 'a/wa' affixes (Mtume alizaliwa - Mitume walizaliwa).

Daktari - Madaktari still belong to the M/Wa noun class because they are living beings


Factual inaccuracy aside, i should be able to day "Prophet Muhammad was born in six thirty-two!" Can someone explain to me why i can't, please?


Interesting. Others beat me to it. Factually wrong

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