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"I will pay the entrance fee for the concert."

Translation:E uku au i ke kāki komo o ka ʻaha mele.

February 5, 2019



I will pay the entrance fee of the concert.


My "no ka ʻaha mele" was apparently a mistake, not the "typo" they let me get away with.


So the ʻtypo' correction suggested i used an a as 'for': "a ka 'aha mele". Above, the proper answer uses an o: "o ka 'aha mele". Which one is really correct in this case and why?


Was this a direct recommendation? Or was the o underlined as a typo because you added an okina? 'o would be incorrect, but would pass as a simple typo.


I just received this question with a word bank. They were looking for an o without the okina.


(ke kāki komo) (ka 'aha mele)


I get that this could be construed as future tense (I guess?), but couldn't it also be "I am paying ..."? And if you put "ana" or whatever the future tense marker is (which we haven't learned yet?), that would be definitively "will"? (Just trying to learn the nuances...)

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