"Why did she eat that apple?"

Translation:Kenapa dia makan apel itu?

February 5, 2019

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Whats the difference between KENAPA and MENGAPA. please advise.


This has helped me, terimah kasih


both are just the same. mengapa is a bit more formal


Me during Snow White


Yeah, Snow White, why did you?


To me, this says "Why is she eating that apple?" How is it past tense?


there's no past tense in Indonesian, you can add words like 'kemarin'=yesterday , 'tahun lalu'=last year , and any other words that specifies when the action accoured


Yes there is no past tense in indonesia. There is no need so why? And also, please leave a like Bye


I think another way of looking at it is that, while we are oriented towards tenses: past, present, and future--here the question isn't really when she ate the apple, but why. Example (I think), imagine there is a horrid-looking apple, and she ate it, or eats it, or is eating it, in all cases your main confusion is why consume that apple, not so much the time that eating the apple took place. So, I believe that the Indonesians are focusing primarily on why that horrid-looking apple, and if time is important, they add a word for it. Indonesians, please tell me if I am off base.

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