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"Then it is possible to send photos to your friends."

Translation:Il est ensuite possible d'envoyer des photos à ses amis.

April 7, 2013



Not sure why puis isn't accepted.


I am also confused about this.


"vos amis" est "your friends" et "ses amis" est "his/her friends"?


"ses" has to match the impersonal form "il est possible" (3rd person singular).

In English, you tend to personalize an advice or recommendation, but in French, similarly to the use of "on" which also goes with "ses", impersonal structures are very frequent:

  • on peut envoyer des photos à ses amis
  • il est possible d'envoyer des photos à ses amis
  • tu peux envoyer des photos à tes amis
  • vous pouvez envoyer des photos à vos amis


Mhhh... That one is tricky. Yes, the first thing that would come to mind is "tes/vos amis" since it's your friends. But I think in the case of an ad for example, describing a product, that would be said "Il est possible d'envoyer des photos à ses amis" and could be translated as "it is possible to send photos to one's friend"...

I agree it feels twisted. But you're right, I don't think this is correct.


Why is "c'est possible d'envoyer" accepted instead of "c’est possible à envoyer"?


because "c'est possible de + infinitive" is the correct construction.


ses amis does not mean your friends. tes amis does.

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