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  5. "Someni vitabu vya Kiswahili!"

"Someni vitabu vya Kiswahili!"

Translation:Read Swahili books!

February 5, 2019



Does this have the same meaning as "Read books in Swahili"?


I love this sentence! Read or study kiswahili books! I cant wait until you'll have speaking excuses and read along with comprehensive questions. Just like in the Spanish courses. Word up!


So why don't they demand " you all ..." like the other -eni endings?


To any one who is learning kiswahili reach out to me so i can reach the others. Together we can all learn the fastest way ever....by having lots of fun:reaching together,submitting new words from other sources( with quotation marks of course!) Also,together we can write sentences or poems to really help all of us get a really great feel of use learning a language! Lol just like when you were a kid. Thanks for your time


with the -eni ending, should be a command to plural...this suggests... read swahili books...but not plural accepted. Marked for correction. sawa?.

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