"नेहा नदी में तैरती है।"

Translation:Neha swims in the river.

February 5, 2019

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Why "neha is swimming in the river" not right?


That would be नेहा नदी में तैर रही है


Actually he's right, in this course they often translate swims and is swimming interchangeably.


Ing from is use in continuous process but in this sentence the swimming is already completed by neha so that neha swims the river will be correct


I want to know why is Neha swims in river wrong here?


Because it is wrong English. It must be "in the river"


Is this applicable to all verbs?? Like bait rahi - for sitting and kada rahi for standing?


खड़ा is an adjective and not a verb. So, it cannot be conjugated that way.

बैठना is a verb but the continuous form 'बैठ रहा' is used to convey the action of sitting down and not the state of being seated. To say 'sitting' (as in 'seated'), we use the past participle form of the verb 'बैठा' which behaves as an adjective.
नेहा कुर्सी पर बैठ रही है - Neha is sitting down on the chair (as in, she is literally in the process of sitting down)
नेहा कुर्सी पर बैठी है - Neha is sitting on the chair


Isn't a नदी a stream? Wouldn't a river be a दरया ?


नदी is a river. It can be used for small streams as well but in the absence of context, it would be understood as a river.

दर्या is not a very common word in Hindi (outside of a couple of popular sayings). Most native speakers would consider it an 'Urdu word' as is the case for a lot of Persian/Arabic derived words that are familiar to Hindi speakers but aren't too widespread in their usage.


Hum bhi saathme taerenge


Neha sviming in the river


How can we identify the verb present simple or present continuous Swims or is swimming


The present continuous form uses रहना as an auxiliary verb. Eg: नेहा नदी में तैर रही है (Neha is swimming in the river)

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