Option to return to exercises in the 'timeline'

It would be so helpful if you could have the option to go back on the timeline to check the exercise within a level you last completed after clicking 'continue'.

There is the green timeline at the top of each page in each level. It would be so useful if a point appears on this bar for each exercise within the level/lessen so that you can go back to check or review without having to abort the whole level. Even better if you had a bar to the side that clocks up each lesson, level, exercise that you've completed so that you can (scroll), go back to redo or check an exercise that you've previously completed.

Is this something Duolingo would consider?

1 week ago

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If I am in the middle of a lesson and join a discussion, I loose all my points! I have tried returning to Home after posting a comment, and I do return, but I have to start from zero! Today and yesterday I completed 2 lessons (20 points each) and none was credited because I needed to check something in a discussion! Forty points down the drain!!!!!

1 week ago
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