"The measurement is not very clear."

Translation:La misura è poco chiara.

April 7, 2013

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tanto chiara -tanta chaira the sexes must not match?


Tanto and poco can be adverbs, nouns and adjectives: in the first case they're invariable as they don't refer to any noun, in the second case they're male.

  • L'acqua chiara è poca: there is little clear water
  • L'acqua è un poco chiara: the water is a little clear
  • L'acqua è poco chiara: the water isn't very clear


This is confusing because poco has not been defined in this way - I think of it as "a little"


What is wrong with "la misura non è molto limpida"?


I think "limpida" is more often used as a degree of brightness, as in "a bright light", "a clear day".

In the other hand, "chiara" is often used as a clarity degree of a method or explanation or the way something expressing.

Furthermore, what is wrong with the use of "non è molto chiara" rather than "è poco chiara" is already explained by senior Formica. :)


Does molto not change gender?


One time Duo indicated it was "non è poco chiara," but when I put that for my answer it indicated I got it wrong and that it was "non è molto chiara." Very confusing.

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