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Starting course "Kannada for English Speakers"

Bengaluru is the Silicon Valley of India and Capital of Karnataka state. Karnataka's official language is Kannada. Bengaluru constitutes 55% of Kannada speaking residents, while remaining 45% (migrants) face difficulties in conversing with localities. Migrant population is increasing due to opportunities in IT sector. Due to time constraints people are unable to attend classes. IT Professionals are more lean towards technology, App based learning helps them learn language quickly and at their own pace.

Me & My friends will be thrilled to work with Duolingo as it is the most used language learning platform across the globe. It has various features which stands out such as: Gamification of study materials; Ease of use; Picturization; Structured courses with increasing level of difficulties to keep the learner engaged and motivated. People don't have proper platform to learn this language. There are few Websites & Apps but they are nowhere near in terms of Quality in comparison to what Duolingo provides.

There are a couple of 2–5 years old dead threads in Kannada Duolingo forums but it seems nothing has started. Duolingo dosen’t recognize “Kannada” as a language yet. There are course for Tamil, Telegu, Hindi & Bengali. Some in Beta stages & some out of Beta.

Right now, it is quite unclear upto how many people are required to put a request, for the course to get noticed.

Would love to hear from Duolingo Official Support about this topic.

Edit 1: If you want to request "Kannada" course. Go to (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/1499485) and upvote the post.

February 6, 2019

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