"Puni nā kāne a me nā wāhine i ka hula."

Translation:The men and the women love hula.

February 6, 2019

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Just checking because i haven't practiced in a long time but is "Puni o nā kane a me nā wāhine i ka hula" acceptable to say "The love 'of' the men and women is for hula" ?

Is it too formal? Or does 'o' not work with the type of word that Puni is?

I haven't tried to enter it but wondering if there's a native speaker that can expand on when or when not to use the possessive relational o.


Is 'ka' always used in object phrases after 'i', regardless of whether the object is considered definite or not? I'm a bit confused because there never seems to be a 'the' in the english translation


i think it that it has to do with the verb here, rather than the directional marker. if I understand correctly, phrases for liking or loving something in general need the ka or ke in Hawaiian, in contrast with English, where we generally would not use "the" for that.


can "hula" not also mean "dance"? (the men and women love to dance, or love dancing?)


wen i said Both men and women love to dance duo said wrong

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